About us

Tigg's Togs is a collection of knitting and crochet pattern creations designed by Kathy Calmejane. You may have seen her patterns in publications such as The Killing Handbook by Emma Kennedy.

Why Tigg's togs?

When Kathy was born her parents gave her three names and then proceded to nickname her Tiggy instead because since day one her hair has never behaved properly. (Tiggy is Somerset slang for a hedgehog and she had very spiky hair) 

Thirty something years later, after designing and publishing a few knitting patterns she was looking for a name for the collection and remembered the binder in which her mother used to keep the knitting patterns and ideas for the clothes she used to make for her daughter and later her little sister. It was labelled Tigg's Togs. And so the name was born (again).

For anyone wondering, togs is a slightly old-fashioned English slang word for clothes. Now you know.